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About Us

Our consultants are your best source for professional, knowledge and value driven low cost service.


LMTHCCS founder, Mario Naranjo has been involved in the Pharmaceutical circle since the age of 16, where he began working at retail pharmacy in Flushing, NY as a stock boy.


Mario's deep desire was to work where he felt he was most needed and able to provide help to those in need, this led him to join a renowned Cancer Center where he started as a Pharmacy Technician and was promoted to Pharmacy Materials Manager. In this role, Mario saved thousands of dollars through negotiation practices and by automating the Pharmacy with his own version of an Inventory Control program, Mario was able to automate the reordering of supplies and generate electronic billing for departments by using HandHelds and Barcodes ultimately reporting through the Accounts Payable Department.


In 1992, Mario joined another prestigious hospital  as Purchasing and Inventory Control Manager, after participating in a very successful merger in 1998, Mario assumed purchasing responsibility for the pharmacies at all sites and a budget of $140 Million Dollars. Mario was also a project lead in the implementation of Lawson Software for the merged entities for their Procurement and Inventory Control processes, which he successfully implemented in all of the pharmacies at all sites and their Pharmacy Satellites. Mario was also involved in implementing  the 340B program which resulted in a $5 Million Dollars in savings the first year.


In 2007, Mario joined Lawson Software as Business Consultant-Senior during which time he and his teammates installed the Lawson Procurement Application at  a SUNY Medical Center in  NY for the Pharmacy Department.  Mario has decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience in Pharmacy purchasing and Inventory Control. Meaning that we are able to provide the most value and innovation.

In order to help hospitals that have committed to Lawson Software and keeping Pharmacy at the forefront of services, In 2009, Mario founded  LMT Health Care Consulting Services, Inc. The goal is to improve the accuracy of services rendered to those departments that service patients directly by helping to REDUCE errors. In 2011 Mario requested assistance from Knowledge Solutions, LLC President Ron Parks, to help promote and share in the implementation of Pharmacy Purchasing and Inventory Control Using Lawson. Mario's process of Pharmacy Purchasing and Inventory Control Using Lawson has been presented and has been well received at Inforum2012 and several LUG meetings like MRLUG, MUG, MWLUG  and more to come.


Our services do not end after our successful application setup. We continue to provide training and support as needed.

"Why you need LMTHCCS and Knowledge Solutions."

  • To help increase turnover ratio on stock
  • Conserve valuable resources
  • Increased control of Inventory resulting in reduced stock outages
  • Eliminate double entries and manual departmental billing
  • Improved Security for supplies
  • Reduce picking errors, increase Safety for your patients
  • Improved contract compliance with GPO's
  • 24/7 monitoring of inventory
  • Allow clinics to see if stock is available prior to ordering or scheduling procedures