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Knowledge Solutions, LLC

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LMTHCCS and Knowledge Solutions, LLC are committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. We are an indispensable asset to your Organization with over two decades of experience in Pharmacy Purchasing and Inventory Control.

Our Consulting Services include:

  • Best practice to reduce carrying cost and increase turn over ratio
  • Evaluate and provide guidance on how to increase contract compliance
  • Evaluate and recommend ways to reduce expired inventory 
  • Provide guidance and assistance in disaster planning
  • Provide installation support for automation with Lawson
  • Create Item Master files for use with Purchasing, Inventory Control  and financial reporting on Lawson
  • Create and maintain GPO and Private contracts on line with Lawson
  • Performance Enhancements by utilizing Handhelds (MSCM)
  • Software Support with Lawson
  • Provide guidance to help perform Cycle and Physical  Inventory counts, no need to outsource, reduce costs 
  • Provide alternatives for qualifying hospitals to control 340B Inventory on Lawson
  • Training and transfer of knowledge on utilizing new software and maintenance 
  • Eliminate manual processing of daily orders for labs, clinics and remote locations 
  • Assist in complying with vendor invoice payment on a timely basis

We are here to serve you

"Our Goal is to exceed your Goals"

We can automate your Pharmacy Purchasing and Inventory Control needs with Lawson.

We are fully insured & we support ALL your Lawson Procurement needs

Affordable service!

Keep up with the rest of your organization!

We deliver the best service for an automated process.

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